Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alex - Portrait of a Young Woman

Well never though my work will be featured in the Dutch Playboy. January 2014 Editor-in-Chief Playboy Patrick Goldsteen called me and I can't believe they really gonna publish it. But here you go .. Alex has made it into to dutch Playboy magazine issue 3 Tech Edition.I finally have an excuse to buy one. 

Lighting and model reference

Zbrush hair sculpting

Rendering in maya and peachfuzz

Always nice to see how a portrait turn out when u convert to black and white. This is with infrared filter.

A draft render with added scraggle and irregularity to the hair.

After some haircolor swapping finally decide to for blond. Somehow i think my initial skincolor already determine her haircolor. Still tweaking some hair strokes. Unfortunately she still got that fake blond look. I need more time to balance the colors and textures

Hair modelling


  1. Can you maybe explain what where key factors in bridging the uncanny valley?

  2. Not that Dan Roartys canvas was bad...but you have pushed realism to a whole new level! Totally Amazing! You are truly great at your craft!

  3. This is a high resolution realistic 3d sexy girl. This is modeled using poly tools in Autodesk Maya. It has best and accurate topology.