Sunday, February 28, 2010


I usually don't like BMW. But as part of the assigment I shade and integrate this into a background using HDR lighting. Here is a work in progress:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lena part 1

Just back from a long weekend in Antwerp ( Belgium). Turn on the radio and guess what I heard : 18 people got killed in a train accident in Brussel. Orginally my plan was to go to Paris taking the Thalys. Which means I could have been in that train. Scary thought keeping me busy today. Now something completely different. To get rid of those feelings I grab my bag of grey River Clay that I bought 5 months ago. I was actually too lazy to start doing anything with it. I guess I was afraid to get my hands dirty and maybe I was afraid that I would progress too slowly and eventually give up. But Luckily for me it's a pretty good start so far. Shouldn't get into the details before I lock the proportions.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspirations : Earthbound

Came across this beautifull cover of the book Earthbound by Logan Swanson and wanna share with you. Touch by the expression on her face. Couldn't find the name of the artist. Let me know if you're reading this :).

Westerdock 11 Feb 2010

I was runing out of Pastello Pastel Paper. So I was force to use regular white paper again.

These two sketch are my favorites :

So after couple of sketches I was force to use white paper. Nevertheless it allows
me to experiment with new drawing techniques. This time I try to focus more on the shape instead of getting the shading/shadows right. Holding the pencil like a stick in stead of the traditional way really free up myself and force me to observe and draw in a different way. In my previous technique I tend to fall back to my familiar strokes and fail to mimic the reality. Although these drawing didn't turn out so well but proportions are matching better.