Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair test

Just a sketch in opencanvas.Try to visualize this character with a beard.I think it definately get more character with this moustache and hair paintover. Still need to find some time to do a proper fur/hair rendering.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Torso Zbrush sketch

Some sketches I did last night. Total sculpting time about 6 hours.
The human back is still a unknow area for me (anatomy wise).Quite happy with the frontview. Need more reference for scapulae in winged pose.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Model sketching at Ateliers Westerdok Amsterdam

Barbarian in Super Sculpey

I Recently got so much creative energy. Only way to express is drawing and sculpting.
It's been 2 years that I use sculpey again.First attempt...Need to find some time to finish and bake it.

Some old work that I forgot to post. So here there are all at once:

Generic male head sculpted in Mudbox and rendered using Mental ray using Portal Lights & MIA_photographic lensshader.

Cloth ,fabric test I think this is called a Shemagh

A halfbreed Man&Bat type of monster

I sculpted this zombie after heavily inspired by work of my collegue at Guerrilla Games.

Nympho sketch

Igor the Elf

This is the first time i'm using opencanvas. Its a quick and simpel version of photoshop without the slow feedback like in CS. During blocking and painting I change the lighting and proportion a lot.