Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Project 144: Save an animal

One of the great things about freelancing is the fact is the wide variety of work.
I finish the modelling and texturing for this dutch TV commercial about a hotline for the public to report urgent cases of animal abuse.The time frame given was 2 weeks production for modelling and texturing 3 animals.

Video Update:

The concept is to make this distorted looking animal appear as real animal in this case a horse. While the camera get closer we start to notice the animal is shaped in the numer 144.

Mudbox layered texturing breakdown of the 144 horse. (Click below for a larger version)

The client demand a ill-looking animal with anatomical correct body. Which turns out to be quite a challenge. Sculpted in Dynamesh.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Picasa 3 Sync to Web = disaster

Yesterday I was looking for a new way to publish and manage my collection of blog pictures. So i gave free Picasa 3 a try. However after using the "sync to web" features that will basicly sync your blogger account pictures to local drive and vice versa. But the problem is that it can change the status of your webalbum. Suddenly all the links to my blogspot are gone. I was so upset.Looking for answer at google forum and found out that google+ has the same bug:


Fortunately I can recover this by making my album public again in the album settings within PicasaWeb. Wish I could finish fur and hair on Maxime. But duty is calling and I'm gonna visit my old employer office for a commercial shoot. Hope I can find some time to work on Maxime in 2012.