Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hulk 2013

Finally I start to feel this is the final design on the hulk. Did an update on the
hair,eyebrow and change the sundirection. Skin texture still needs a lots of work.

Next thing to do : Eye texture/shader .


Its been a while again that I updated my blog. Recent X-mas break give me finally some
time to work on the jeans/pants. Before I tear it apart I would like study cloth sim first
and see how I can make my Hulk more dramatic damage then the usual clean cut Hulk jean.

First draft test using a new software : Marvelous Designer to get a good base. I really like the detailed
folds you get . Will play later more.

Before I go back to the green hulk again. I make restart texturing again. This time focus
more on the subsurface details. Head start to look decent. Will keep it for a while.


Haircut/style experiments :) FibreMesh is the perfect tool for me to comb hair in
3D. It really gives the user so much controle where and how to comb things.
I really enjoy the process .So probably will play around with more different haircuts

Some changes since last time:

-Make handsome :)
-Balance skin bumps
-Trim beard
-Overall face correction more anatomical correct

-More Facial wrinkels
-Lips more volume
-skinshader specularlevel tweaks

Armpit and triceps rework:

Nose and skin job

Battle damage and wounded paintover :

New lighting and sweaty,tough look, I kind of like this mysterious lighting :

- reduce wetness
- improve teeth model
- hair variations in colors and lenght
-more skin varations in hue and spotiness


  1. Wow, this reminds me more of Edward Norton than his Hulk did.

  2. Thanks .. I try to keep it realistic. I hope they gonna make a new Hulk movie soon :p