Saturday, February 18, 2012


Day 6: Look development 

Trying to find the right pose and look for this female head. Kind of happy with this in terms of palette and skintones. I've added some skin pore details and wrinkle to visualize the look I want. Biggest challenge is getting the hair comb like this. Lighting should be fairly easy.

Before the paintjob

Just upgraded to Zbrush 4 R2b. Playing around with the FibreMesh features.

Day 5

Update the skull and neck muscles. Improve ear and overal anatomical correctness.

Day 4

I'm trying out two new topology before I adding more details. Nice thing about Topogun is that is has a new morpher system. Which allows u to change ur orginal model and still automaticly update you topology. I found it hard to model the inside of the mouth in mouth close pose. Need to relax and open the mouth so I can detail it and morpgh back to the close one. Here is a WIP.

Day 3

Vray rendertest, borrowed the eyes from Maxime for a quick test.

Day 2

Day 1