Thursday, September 26, 2013

Alex - Portrait of a Young Woman

Well never though my work will be featured in the Dutch Playboy. January 2014 Editor-in-Chief Playboy Patrick Goldsteen called me and I can't believe they really gonna publish it. But here you go .. Alex has made it into to dutch Playboy magazine issue 3 Tech Edition.I finally have an excuse to buy one. 

Lighting and model reference

Zbrush hair sculpting

Rendering in maya and peachfuzz

Always nice to see how a portrait turn out when u convert to black and white. This is with infrared filter.

A draft render with added scraggle and irregularity to the hair.

After some haircolor swapping finally decide to for blond. Somehow i think my initial skincolor already determine her haircolor. Still tweaking some hair strokes. Unfortunately she still got that fake blond look. I need more time to balance the colors and textures

Hair modelling